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Best maniacal meme ever…

My super awesome author/blogger/twitter/Neil Gaiman lovin’ (I swear she’s my twin) pal, Anita Grace Howard (from A Still And Quiet Madness) tagged me in a really fun Meme. Her awesome blogging pal Miss Jenny Phresh (of The Party Pony) made up these silly questions and they’re crazy fun. I’ve tagged some new and old blogging… Continue reading Best maniacal meme ever…

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Blog that sparks MY soul!

Holy Helvetica, I’m so darn honored you guys! The wonderful (and super talented author pal of mine) Anita Grace Howard, has bestowed my humble site with the ‘Blog That Sparks the Soul Award.’ Here’s what she said on her blog last week that warmed my heart: “Also, I'd like to thank Kerri Maniscalco for her… Continue reading Blog that sparks MY soul!

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Rules are for Pansies: by Guest Blogger Eileen Andrews

    Rules are for Pansies Life is a series of uncertainties. We grasp in all directions for a guarantee of success to abate the panic. Religion. Horoscopes. Anything to tell us we’re making the right choice; that everything will be ok. Writer’s are no exception. We scour the internet looking for rules or formulas… Continue reading Rules are for Pansies: by Guest Blogger Eileen Andrews

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Guest post by fellow foodie & blogger: blackcatsunday!

Today’s post has been contributed by a fellow foodie and photography buff, Kristine. You can find more tasty treats over on her blog blackcatsunday by simply clicking on the link here. Besides working on obtaining two PhD’s (in English and Psychology), Kristine is also hard at work on two screenplays and is beginning to put… Continue reading Guest post by fellow foodie & blogger: blackcatsunday!

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WANTED: Guest Bloggers

As you may know from my previous tweet, I'm on the hunt for some guest bloggers. I've gotten some great feedback from it so far, and I'm almost through all the DM's. (Thank you all, BTW for being as excited as I am about this.) I have gotten a few questions about exactly what I'm… Continue reading WANTED: Guest Bloggers