Stalking Jack the Ripper

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Hunting Prince Dracula

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Escaping From Houdini

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Literary Representation/All Rights info:

Barbara Poelle, Irene Goodman Literary Agency

27 W. 24th Street, Suite 700B

New York, NY 10010


Blurb Requests:

All blurb requests may be made by contacting my agent, Barbara Poelle:


Sending snail mail/packages:

First of all, thank you so much for sending me your letters and packages. Please use my agency address and include a SASE if your letter includes a request:

Kerri Maniscalco c/o Barbara Poelle

Irene Goodman Literary Agency

27 W. 24th Street, Suite 700B

New York, NY 10010


If you have questions about publicity or would like to request review galleys/ARCs, or set up interviews, appearances, or inquire about blog tours, please use the following contact information:

Erinn McGrath, Erinn[dot]McGrath[at]hbgusa[dot]com

*Please note: there will be a VERY limited amount of ARCs for ESCAPING FROM HOUDINI, but i will be hosting giveaways on my social media accounts. not all requests will get a response due to the volume, but please rest assured they have been received.

Foreign Rights Agent:

Heather Baror-Shapiro, Baror International, Inc.

Film/Television Rights Agent:

Sean Berard, APA

*Please note: I am legally unable to read or critique or offer any advice on your manuscript. Boo! I know 😦 But! I do have a wonderful page dedicated to writing resources that I swear by, and will send you a bunch of good querying and writing vibes. Unfortunately, if you write to me about your book, I will be unable to respond.

Also, when I’m on deadline it takes much, much, much longer for me to respond (weeks, months, etc). I hate that, but it’s important to work on getting more books in your hands, and making them the very best they can be. Know that I love and appreciate and feel so darn honored that you took some of your precious time to write to me. You are incredible.

If you’re interested in writing advice, please see the ‘For Writers’ tab on my website or click on this easy link here —>  Here’s the page of writing resources.

Questions about Advanced Reader Copies:

I’ll have a limited amount of ARCs that will be raffled off through giveaways/contests on both my blog and others. I will post about all contests and opportunities to win an ARC on my blog, twitterInstagramFacebook, and other social media accounts. I wish I could grant all your ARC wishes! Know that I’m hugging you and sending you sparkly hearts. You’re the best!

Any review requests/ARCs can be made by contacting Erinn McGrath at: Erinn[dot]McGrath[at]hbgusa[dot]com but due to the large volume of requests, not every email can be responded to.

Blog events or other questions that don’t fit into these categories:

Please contact my agent, Barbara Poelle:


If you’d like to say hi*

****I’m currently on a super-tight deadline through Fall 2018, so if it takes me a while to respond (note: a while = weeks/months), know that time is my enemy and I am so, so thankful for your message. Seriously. I’m also hugging you through my screen. RIGHT NOW. I am ALWAYS popping onto Twitter and Instagram during writing breaks/lunch/dinner and will chat with you there.***

please feel free to contact me at kerri[dot]writes[at]gmail[dot]com

13 thoughts on “Contact

    1. I’ll give you a few sites to check out, that I HIGHLY recommend:

      QueryShark (Literary Agent Janet Reid dispenses GREAT tips)
      QueryTracker Forums
      AbsoluteWrite Forums
      BookEnds Literary Agency (Query Workshop Wednesday)

      I can’t link them, but they pop up with a google search. Hope that helps!

      1. Hey. I have a perfect idea for one of your books! Another adventure for Audrey and Thomas. Imagine them going to France and figure out there’s a murder. Not just any one that is haunting this old opera theater. They have to stay in the opera theater due to some school lessons. They soon find a secret chamber in a mirror leading to a lair. Not just any lair it’s the Phantom of the Operas lair. Will they soon figure out there are heirs to the phantom or the phantom is putting trances on Audrey like Christine? The phantom could like be trying to get Audrey even though she already can get out. And they try to figure out how people die from a lasso around neck. So what do you think? It’s just an idea but I feel like you should do something phantom since it seems like it fits your writing. Thanks! I’m also a huge fan of your work! My friend got me hooked the other day and my school librarian said she will order two copies of Houdini.

  1. Can i plleeeeeeease get an arc copy of your new book? I dont have twitter. I would love one! 💗💗💗💗

  2. Hi! I love the historical figures that you use and I was wondering if you have plans to use more of them in any future series? I love reading these kinds of books and it’s really rare and interesting to find an author that thinks of the less romanticized characters. Will future book series have more of these original and realistic storylines?

  3. Kerri hi, is there any way I can get the tarot cards without living in USA, I have requested your book, but I think it won’t come with the cards, please open a link for people around the world to get those cards.. they seriously! please

  4. Hi Kerri, my best friend loves you and your work SO much!! She reads your books all the time and loves them! Stalking Jack the Ripper was one of her favorites. I was hoping to get your attention so that maybe you could send me a video of you saying “Merry Christmas” to her, because that would make her Christmas even better! Please email me back if you see this and are willing to make the video!

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