TAG! You’re it :)

The SUPER awesome Kip Wilson Rechea (part of the #wipmadness crew on twitter, she also blogs as kiperoo) tagged me in a fun question-asking tag that’s weaving its way through the interwebz. Of course, I HAD to play along. Here are the questions she asked me, followed by MY questions for YOU.

1. Keeping with the foodie theme, what’s your signature dish? Something you make that blows people away and that you luuuuurve.

Oh my gosh, I don’t think I can pick just ONE signature dish, I’m a total foodie. But if I HAD to by knife point… I’d say… There’s this Greek calzone I like to make and it’s always a crowd pleaser. Followed closely by anything that has avocados or jalapenos in it – the hotter, the better!

2. If you could be any fictional character, whose story would you want to live?

Right now? I’d probably have to say Tris from DIVERGENT. Even though the world is going to hell and there’s death and fighting and SO MUCH HAPPENING. I’d love to be as kick-ass as she is, fiercely protecting the people she loves. Plus, being a member of Dauntless would be pretty cool – train jumping FTW!

3.  If you won a magical trip to any destination and had to use the setting in your next novel, where would you go?

Iceland!!!! The geothermal hot springs there would make a really interesting backdrop for a story. I mean, look at this place – it’s SUPER magical:

photo credit: pinterest.com/travel

4. Your favorite five authors. Go!

NO NO NO…this is like asking me which five fingers or toes you can chop off. NOT FAIR! I’ll do a little mix of contemporary and classic, but know that this list is always changing. 🙂

  1. Shakespeare – He’s got family drama, love, tragedy, and he wasn’t afraid of killing off his darlings. I never get tired of his work. I used to HATE high school, but once we started going over his plays in class my life changed.
  2. Jack Kerouac – I love his stream of conscious style. His prose is manic and beautiful and really amazing when you look at it closely. I have a book of his poems that I re-read occasionally just to get a beat or writing rhythm in my head.
  3. Suzanne Collins – I mean, I know The Hunger Games is still exploding all over the place, but Collins is a great writer. She has an ability to expose the harshest/darkest aspects of human nature and make you feel your way through them – rooting the characters on, hoping against all odds that they make it.
  4. Scott Westerfeld – The Uglies series was awesome. I gobbled the books up in a few days and loved the story arc. He’s got a smooth writing voice which makes for an infinitely easy read. Which as we all know is hard writing.
  5. Beth Revis – I love her debut trilogy thus far. Both Across the Universe and A Million Suns were fantastic reads, I loved the mixture of science fiction and mystery and she kept me guessing throughout. Excellent for people who want to dip their toes in the sci-fi pool.

5. What music are you listening to while working on your current WIP?

This is an easy one! I’ve got a nice little mixture of some local musicians from NYC that I adore, plus a few other bands.

Ryan Adams – Wonderwall (cover)

Nathan Angelo – Brighter Day

Lauren Pritchard – Stuck

Iron & Wine – Boy With A Coin

Feist – My Moon My Man

Ella Fitzgerald – It’s Only A Paper Moon

Chris Ayer – Relativity

Bright Eyes – Another Traveling Song

Christine Hoberg – Home

Mercy Bell – Icarus

Maryanna Sokol – Two

Okay so now you’ve read my answers, the rules state that I have to tag three more bloggers and come up with five questions of my own. BWAHAHAHA.

Here are the three lucky winners:

  1. Jennifer M Eaton – http://jennifermeaton.com/
  2. Aryn Youngless – http://www.weeklyadventuresordinarygirl.com/
  3. Dianne J Wilson  – http://diannejwilson.wordpress.com/

Here are 5 questions for YOU to answer:

  1. I’m also going to stick with the foodie theme – what’s your favorite dish you get out and what restaurant makes it?
  2. What are you reading RIGHT now?
  3. Do you prefer ebooks or traditional paper/hardbacks?
  4. What are your three favorite books of all time?
  5. What genre is your current project and is that your favorite to read?

Best maniacal meme ever…

My super awesome author/blogger/twitter/Neil Gaiman lovin’ (I swear she’s my twin) pal, Anita Grace Howard (from A Still And Quiet Madness) tagged me in a really fun Meme. Her awesome blogging pal Miss Jenny Phresh (of The Party Pony) made up these silly questions and they’re crazy fun. I’ve tagged some new and old blogging friends at the bottom…enjoy! <3333

Are you a rutabaga?

Nope. I’m just a tumblin’ little twinkie.

When was the last time you ate lion meat?

Hmm, hard to say. I did drink some tiger blood with Sheen a few months back…

Upload a heartwarming picture of something that makes you smile.

My kids

Behold the power of kitty cuteness!

If you could go back in time and kick the crap out of someone, who would it be?

The Easter Bunny of 88’ for being downright creeptastic.

Name one habit that makes other people plot your demise.

My weekly singing of the Newsies “King of New York” at a decibel only furry woodland creatures can hear. You only think I’m kidding…

What song would you like to be playing while you are kicking the crap out of someone?

R.E.M – Shiny Happy People. It’d mess with their minds.

Where da muffin top at?

Rumor has it, that it’s near Antarctica on holiday. But that’s supposed to be a secret.

How many goats, stacked atop one another like Yertle’s Turtles, would it take to reach the moon?

That’s super easy: 3,647,193. Duh. The real question is how many aardvark’s (carrying two goats on its back) does it take to cross the United States three times…only moving in a westerly direction?

Describe yourself using obscure Latin words.

Deus ex machina only because I bought a shirt, or dress that was called deus ex machina a few weeks ago. *Shakes fist at ModCloth*

Why does evil exist?

Because we killed all the friggen unicorns back in the day.

What the chiz are you thinking right now?

How come more people don’t talk about rutabaga’s…they’re interesting enough. Right?

As the rules state, I can tag as many or few peeps as I want. I’m tagging five of my cool blogger pals, in hopes they’ll play along and pass on the lunacy. Let’s make this puppy go viral!

  1.  Alexis
  2.  2blu2btru
  3. Coco Cappuccina
  4. Ruth A Casie
  5.  L.M. Stull

Pick a funny nickname for number 1. 

Bunny Ears and Bat Wings (It’s the super awesome name of her blog!!)

Make up a rhyme about number 2.

Roses are red

Violets are blue

Sugar is sweet

And so is 2blu2btru!

Where would number 3 hide in the event of the apocalypse?

Somewhere near lots-o-coffee or tea! 🙂

Where does number 4 purchase her pants?

At the awesomesauce pant’s store.

What would number 5’s favorite dance move be?

The Running Man!

Have a wonderful day! <333333333