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WANTED: Guest Bloggers

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As you may know from my previous tweet, I’m on the hunt for some guest bloggers. I’ve gotten some great feedback from it so far, and I’m almost through all the DM’s. (Thank you all, BTW for being as excited as I am about this.)

I have gotten a few questions about exactly what I’m looking for, so I hope this post helps to answer all of your guest blogging worries.

Basically I’m looking for anything having to do with writing. If you’ve come across a quote or poem that has inspired you that works too. If you’ve been published and want to share your story, if you’ve just gotten your 1,000,000th form rejection (okay maybe not a million) and you want to share how you keep yourself optimistic then that’s what I want to hear.

If it has to do with the road to publication, how you juggle life and writing, your writing journey, (writing journey can be getting an agent, revisions, rewrites, etc.) then it’ll be perfect. Heck if you’ve got a kick-ass recipe you’d like to share with some pictures of your finished cooking adventure, then I’d LOVE it! (Aside from writing, I’m a huge foodie. But you probably already knew that.)

If you’ve carved the Martha Stewart of all pumpkins (jack-o-lanterns) and you want to share the picture, then… you guessed it, that works too.

The sky is the limit. However, I’d like to keep it positive. So if you’ve received your ba-jillionth rejection and you are fed up with the world of publishing and you’re looking for a place to bash it, then this probably won’t be the best platform.

I’ve already selected one guest blogger, @EileenAndrews, so be sure to check out her website and follow her on Twitter! Oh and lastly, if you are interested in being a guest blogger, you can leave a comment here, DM me on Twitter or @reply me and I’ll be in touch. I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

7 thoughts on “WANTED: Guest Bloggers”

  1. I am a college student that loves writing and cooking, and publish random musings and recipes here at wordpress. If any of my content contains something that you are looking for, I’m happy to help.


  2. I’ve been inspired by your site since I began Tweeting a few short months ago and would love to be a guest blogger. Say the word and I’m all yours 😉

    Sandi (aka @devacoach)

    1. Hi Sandi, it’s great to see you here 🙂

      Thanks so much for the kind words, I’m glad the quotes and random musings are inspiring you! I’d love to see what you come up with for a guest post. Once you’re ready to submit your article, please email me @ Also include any photos of yourself or photos for inspiration along with a bio for me to include as well.

  3. I have just had my 1st book self published and have a website that is my starting point for me. My writing started in Oct o7 by waking up at 2.ooam and wrote a verse out of the blue, and has continued ever since. I have been selling my verses on beautiful paper & have them laminated. This has then lead me onto publishing my 1st book titled Life’s Pathway of Experinences, Emotions & Inspirations and has 47 verses that people could relate to, and cover most aspects of life until the Angels come for us. If you are interested in having my story in a bit more debth, let me know. Kind Regards Juliana Mullan. I have submitted some replies to your post, but recently with leading up to my book launch time has escaped me.

    1. Hi Juliana,

      Congrats on the launch of your book!

      If you’d like to write about self-publshing that’d be fantastic. Maybe tell us a bit about your decision to self-publish and what’s involved with getting your book out there. If you can keep it between 500-1000 words that’s be perfect! Email me your finished post at 🙂

  4. Hey you. I was just about to DM you about guest blogging before I even read this!

    As you can tell, I’ve been hunting for guest bloggers, too. It’s fun, right?
    I’d love to write something for you. Would you like to trade?

    Email me at 🙂

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