The “Bear” Necessities

Up until this week whenever I thought about bears this song popped into my head—> 

And then something TERRIFYING happened, and I wasn’t even drinking! (GASP!) A crash echoed outside SO. FREAKING. LOUDLY. that I was convinced of two things: 1. Someone was trying to break in. And 2. Someone was trying to break in.

In those brief seconds, I also discovered that if my life were a horror film, I would be the moron who ran TOWARD the guy with the axe. HAVE I LEARNED NOTHING FROM MICHAEL MYERS? OR FREDDY-GODFORSAKEN-KRUEGER? Holy MOTHER, even the Scream franchise should have prepared me for this. Run away from the bone chilling sounds. RUN AWAY FOOL.

Instead of cowering under my bed (like BOTH of my traitor cats did, BTW), I ran downstairs (SANS weapon, oh the HUMANITY!), flicked the lights on and bravely threw the blinds back–ready to stare danger in its masked face. What I would have done if some axe-wielding maniac was in fact, standing on my porch, I’ll never know.

Because….I saw this: 

 But in my mind it registered like this:

And I’m all “Awww, a fuzzy wittle bear-bear.” So I got the moron urge to go outside and take a picture, and then this happened:

Not really, but close. So my mind IMMEDIATELY thought of this:

Which finally made me do THIS:

To which, I ran back inside and locked the door.

I promise these are the only ferocious wild creatures I’ll photograph from now on:

Have a great weekend <333333’s.

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Weird Dr. Seuss Love

“We are all a little weird and life’s a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love.” 
— Dr. Seuss

Which is sort of weird… but what the hey. <3333333

We’re going to be friends

“I am a badass, and I recognize that you, too, are a badass.”
— Cassandra Clare

 Cheers to all you badass writers out there, being brave every single day. Don’t think you’re awesome?

YOU stare rejection in the face and laugh.

Sure, sometimes you may cry, but guess what? YOU STILL PUT YOURSELF OUT THERE. Which makes you one helluva badass. Just sayin. XOXO


Highway to hell

“The road to hell is paved with adverbs.”
— Stephen King

Nuh-uh Stephen. The road to hell is paved with mocktails. Duh.


Take me to the river

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“You’ve got about as much charm as a dead slug.” — Suzanne Collins

Thank you?

Do you have any characters that people will LOVE to HATE in your manuscript? To REALLY give your main character depth, don’t be afraid to stank them up a bit. No one is perfect after all. XOXO

Done sold my soul to the Jersey Devil

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“I never met a man that I didn’t like.” – Will Rogers

Looks like we’ve got a ‘situation’ here.

Know anyone in real life that’s annoying? No? Then take the night off and watch some reality tv for some annoying character traits. (Not that I’m promoting embarrassing Jersday night television shows on MTV….)


Last night

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“After being broken up with my boyfriend for exactly 20 minutes, I succumbed to inebriation, performed at a speakeasy, and surrendered my virtue to a self-absorbed ass.” – Cecily von Ziegesar

Rinse and repeat.

This was just for fun, I couldn’t resist. Happy Thursday XO.