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Here are some great sites for writers to check out whether you’re just starting out, or are a seasoned vet:

(At the bottom of the page I’ve also included some great writing tips from amazing authors. Learn the difference between Showing vs. Telling, the art of writing conflict, genre word count guidelines, and other great sites to bookmark.)

Absolute Write: A wonderful forum/community for writers at any stage in the game. Ask any writing/publishing question/share your work & find critique partners, and do research before querying agents here. (Not to mention meeting and hanging around with other amazing/knowledgeable writers.)

Chuck Sambuchino’s Guide to Literary Agents Blog: A fantastic resource for new agent alerts, and tips for EVERYTHING.

Hey, there’s a dead guy in the living room blog: I’m going to link you to my agent’s (Barbara Poelle) blogging days here. I may be biased, but I think reading through her blog archives is AMAZING. Literary Agent Mary Kole dishes on EVERYTHING EVERYTHING EVERYTHING you need to know about children’s books. It’s a fantastic source for all your kid lit needs.

Literary Rambles: This was one of my ABSOLUTE favorite blogs to check out while querying. Casey McCormick has one hell of an extensive list of “Agent Spotlights” and TONS of fun author interviews. A great resource for all your children’s book needs. Can’t say enough good things about this site!

Miss Snark: The mysterious secret agent who will live on in blogger history. She may not be blogging anymore, but there’s a WEALTH of information worth checking out.

Nathan Bransford: This former mega-agent’s (now author) blog is the guide to publishing BIBLE. Countless hours were spent there when I first started researching everything I could about publishing. It’s like the Holy Grail of the book world. Seriously.

Preditors and Editors: If there’s one site you add to your MUST list before querying, it’s this one. It’s a great resource for finding agents/agencies that are not scammers.

Pub Rants: Agent Kristin Nelson dishes on everything industry related. There are also some great examples of query letters that worked posted on the sidebar.

Publishers MarketPlace: I highly recommend that you get a subscription. Daily deals are posted as well as breaking industry news. I peruse my Pub Lunch every single day.

QueryShark: A phenomenal blog dedicated to the art of crafting a great query letter, run by super agent Janet Reid.

Query Tracker: Keep track of your query letters, search for agents who represent your genre, and hang around other writers in the query trenches. Another amazing site that has a forum where you can have your query letter critiqued by your peers.

Writer Beware: Is basically a watchdog blog for writers to avoid scammers and bad eggs. Highly recommended.

Random Writing Tips:

Writing the perfect beginning, middle, and ending:

Is my word count too large or small? Find out general guidelines:

The Power of Reaction:

Mastering showing vs. telling:

Tips on writing:

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