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The rules in case you missed them are simple. Check out Christine Hoberg’s latest EP ‘Ugly’ on her website. You can listen to her music also by clicking on the article link or HERE. Then tell me what song of hers is your favorite in the comment section on That’s it!!

Comments are allowed until midnight EST. One winner will be chosen using and will be announced on Tuesday (TOMORROW!!) on twitter, facebook and right here on the blog. So be sure to include a name I will be able to contact you with. i.e. @YourTwitterName

The prize for one lucky winner is a $50 iTunes gift card! Good luck!!!

**There needs to be a minimum of 10 comments for the prize to be awarded. If this goes over well, then I’ll try and figure another contest out for the New Year.

Any questions? Feel free to ask me here or on Twitter.

Ho Ho Ho! CONTEST!!!

I love the holiday’s. I love the giving, the cheer, and the (non-dairy) eggnog. I even love the gosh darn Christmas carols. I especially love YOU, my faithful readers, creeptastic lurkers and internet friends.

Gifts don’t always need to be given to show your thankfulness, but let’s face it – they’re FUN!

To show my appreciation I’m giving away a $50 iTunes gift card TOMORROW!!!!

Entering the contest is easy. I’ll be posting a link to my article on songstress Christine Hoberg. If you want you can check out her site tonight and pick your favorite song. Then tomorrow when the article goes up, simply leave a comment telling me which song off her new EP ‘Ugly’ is your favorite.

That’s it. So listen to her tunes here. Then comment tomorrow on when I post the article. Hey maybe you can even purchase her EP as a gift for someone you love! Win-win.

One winner will be chosen at random. There needs to be a minimum of 10 comments for the prize to be awarded. If this goes over well, then I’ll try and figure another contest out for the New Year.

Any questions? Feel free to ask me here or on Twitter.

Good luck tomorrow!!

The winner will be announced on Tuesday on Twitter, Facebook and of course right here on the blog. Be sure to leave your twitter name (or a way for me to track you down) so I can email you should YOU be the lucky winner. (I’ll need to email you to get a mailing address to send out your prize.)

Brooklyn’s Sweetheart Christine Hoberg to play CMJ Music Marathon

This is only the second time I’ve done this, so it’s pretty cool. I typically keep my column separate from my blog, but this article is about one of my friends, so I had to share. Plus it’s #Writer Wednesday on Twitter and she’s a pretty darn good songwriter.

So if you could click on the link and comment on the article that would be amazing. Also, if you’re a fan of music, and more specifically enjoy Feist, Regina Spektor or even Norah Jones, then you definitely want to check out the free music available for download on her website!

Happy #WW! Here’s the full article:

New York City, you are about to be hit with a musical storm of intimate lyrics and jazzy pop folk vocals. Think you can handle it? In a town that boasts fantastic live concerts every night of the week, it’s hard to choose where to go. To make your social nightlife easier, here are three shows you must put at the top of your list.

Starting this Thursday October 21st, Brooklyn sweetheart and songstress Christine Hoberg will be dazzling crowds at this year’s CMJ Music & Film Festival. She has the essence of Norah Jonesand Regina Spektor with a sprinkling of Feist. To put it mildly, she’s got a whole lot of talent.

Christine hails from the Great Lakes Region of the U.S., but she’s been calling New York City home for the past two years. Her first EP ‘Nice’ was released in 2008, and was recorded in what the singer describes as “backwards according to most album standards, first laying down vocals only to a click track of each song’s tempo, then layering the instrument parts on top. The credits are a complete mash-up of metro Detroit talent.” It has also been described as ‘a mix of vivid orchestrations and gritty vocals with cheeky shots at Hoberg’s exes’.

Her second EP titled ‘Ugly’ is set to be released just in time for this holiday season (gift giving idea anyone?). Hoberg has stated, “’Ugly’ is a five song EP and my second official release. It’s a lot more indie rock than my last album. It was recorded in one day live at my bassist’s house, Clay Schaub. Together with Elias Meister, Jon Wert, and Clay we recorded all five songs in six hours. It is being mixed and mastered by Dan Romer. To be released digitally November/December 2010.”

Make sure you stop by her website and checkout her music (which you can download for free) for yourself. You can also keep up with Christine onTwitterMySpace and join her facebook fan page. More importantly go see her live this Thursday, Friday and Saturday and bring all of your friends.

You can catch Christine Hoberg live at the following places this week:

When: Thursday October 21st

Time: 9pm

Where: Sycamore in Ditmas Park, 1118 Cortelyou Rd, Brooklyn

w/ Chimneys, Christopher Paul Stelling, and more!

When: Friday October 22nd

Time: 9pm

Where: Sidewalk Cafe, East Village, 94 Ave A, Manhattan

w/ Mercy Bell & Maryanna Sokol

When: Saturday October 23rd

Time: 7:30pm

Where: Surreal Estate, Bushwick, 15 Thames St., Brooklyn

w/ Chimneys, Christopher Paul Stelling, and more!

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Not a usual post, but…

I usually try to keep my column and personal @ScribeQuotes blog separate, but today’s article is for a really good cause… So I decided to bend my own rules.

I’m a firm believer in helping people achieve their creative dreams, and this cause just might be something you are interested in too. If you’re a huge music fan (like myself), then perhaps this will strike a ‘chord’ with you as well.

Here’s the article with links:

So have you ever wanted to help a musician make an album? Perhaps you’ve always fantasized about having your name in the ‘thank you’ section of the credits of a CD jacket. Taking it a step further, you might even be the type of person that would love to have handwritten lyrics sent to you…one of a kind, collector’s items. Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? Take a mental picture break, slap that tongue back in your mouth, and wipe the spittle that started forming at the corners of your mouth the second you began salivating. Your chance to have all of that, plus more is here.

Singer/Songwriter, wordsmith and poet, Greg Holden needs your help. Check out his Kickstarter fundraising campaign that’s running until October 2, 2010 here. The Scottish born, English raised singer is now a local friend calling Brooklyn home and he needs our help New York. He’s trying to raise enough money to aid in the creation of his first full length album and you could help make that dream come true.

Donations are welcome in all shapes and sizes and amounts. If you’ve only got a spare dollar to share, that’s more than welcome. People who pledge $15 dollars or more will receive an advanced digital copy of his new album, plus exclusive emails with regular updates, pictures, and videos of Holden throughout the recording process.

Pledges of $60 or more will receive everything on the previous two donations ‘rungs’ [15, 35 dollar pledges] PLUS a personal handwritten poem by the talented musician himself. Oh and remember that whole name printed inside the album thing mentioned earlier? You’ll also have that with the $60 or more pledge.

Sounds good, but you’re still looking for that closer connection to your favorite singer… Okay. So if you’ve got, let’s say, $200 (or more) that you’re willing to pledge (to a very good cause) then I suppose you should know that along with all that was mentioned before (plus some other great rewards and unreleased home recordings), Greg Holden will even call you up on the phone and have a nice little chat. One on one. Mono y mono. But I digress. With a $200+ pledge you’ll also receive two guest-list passes to a show of your choice when Holden hits up your town or city. Heck he’ll even dedicate the set to you that evening.

By this time you must be foaming at the mouth to donate what you can, so without further adieu, here is the link for Greg’s Kickstarter Fund plus all the different donation levels and associated rewards.

One last note, if Greg doesn’t reach his target of $20,000, then the money you’ve pledged will be returned to you. But let’s not let that happen.

With 25 days left, Greg is already more than half way to his goal. Let’s keep pushing those numbers up, by pledging and then telling everyone you know. This is the kind of music we all need more of. Being a part of the process is the best prize yet. Knowing you can help someone make their dreams come true will stay with you forever.

For more information on Greg Holden and his music, be sure to click on the sidebar for previous articles featuring him as well as the links to his sites below.

Greg Holden MySpace
Greg Holden
Greg Holden
Greg Holden
Greg Holden
Kickstarter Fund

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