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And the winner is….

First I'd like to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who entered! I had a lot of fun with this contest, and will definitely be holding another giveaway REALLY, REALLY soon. Okay, and now for the two BIG WINNERS! The first name chosen via the gods is: DRUM ROLLLLLLLL zoe h (yayayayayyayay!)¬† Congrats… Continue reading And the winner is….


And the winner is…

Phew, the contest took a lot out of me. I'm excited so many of you fell in love with the music. Helping people achieve their dreams is the best thing we can do, not just during the holidays, but all year. It reminds me of a quote that goes a little something like, "As she… Continue reading And the winner is…


Contest article is up! Here are the rules again

To enter the contest click on the link below! CLICK HERE TO ENTER CONTEST!!! The rules in case you missed them are simple. Check out Christine Hoberg's latest EP 'Ugly' on her website. You can listen to her music also by clicking on the article link or HERE. Then tell me what song of hers… Continue reading Contest article is up! Here are the rules again


Ho Ho Ho! CONTEST!!!

I love the holiday's. I love the giving, the cheer, and the (non-dairy) eggnog. I even love the gosh darn Christmas¬†carols. I especially love YOU, my faithful readers, creeptastic lurkers and internet friends. Gifts don't always need to be given to show your thankfulness, but let's face it - they're FUN! To show my appreciation… Continue reading Ho Ho Ho! CONTEST!!!