#1 NYT Bestseller…omg

when my agent called this afternoon, i totally thought she was kidding. i think i said "no way" ninety times in two minutes. seriously. she laughed and promised to send proof in the form of a PDF... and there it is. in black and white. it's really real. STALKING JACK THE RIPPER debuted at #1… Continue reading #1 NYT Bestseller…omg

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STALKING JACK THE RIPPER made the 2016 BEA Buzz Panel!

We got the news a few weeks ago that STALKING JACK THE RIPPER had made this year's BEA YA Buzz Panel, and it has been SUPER hard keeping this kind of secret from everyone. I've gotten a few questions from people outside of the industry about what it all means, and am posting some answers… Continue reading STALKING JACK THE RIPPER made the 2016 BEA Buzz Panel!

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Lots of Sparkly Things Happening…

This post is going to be a little different because there are a few things happening around the interwebs that writers (and readers) might be interested in. I LOVE helping my peoples out when I can, so here you go! 1. There’s a new agent at my agency! *throws confetti* Here are some deets: Name:… Continue reading Lots of Sparkly Things Happening…

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Four words, twelve letters: I HAVE AN AGENT!!!

You guys... I can’t believe I’m actually typing this post out. I mean, sure I’ve dreamt about writing something like this for the last two years, but I seriously can’t believe it’s real. I mean, it’s REALLY real. HOLY MOTHER. I HAVE AN AGENT. A real, live, agent is my partner in publishing crime. And… Continue reading Four words, twelve letters: I HAVE AN AGENT!!!