LIMITED B&N Exclusive Edition Boxed Sets are finally here!

Hello, hello! A TON of people have been asking and I am so excited to share that KINGDOM OF THE WICKED hardcover boxed sets published on Tuesday AND the B&N exclusive sets are currently available online while supplies last!!!! 💖

My team did say that B&N warehouses are a little behind and not all stores may have stock. BUT! You can check out the “buy online, pickup in store” option to see if your local store has any on hand. 💕

PLEASE NOTE: This is the only time B&N will be re-printing the first two editions and they are LIMITED. Please tell anyone who may have missed out, or anyone who is thinking about gifting them for the holidays. I’m really not sure how quickly they may (or may not) sell out this time. (The pre-order sold out within two or three days.)💞


Yes! These are hardcovers.

Yes! They feature the same bonus content as each individual exclusive edition.

They are limited and will not be re-stocked or re-printed again.

This is the only re-print of the first two books.


I hope, hope, hope you snag one if you’ve been waiting!!!