KINGDOM OF THE WICKED universe ADULT book news!!! Title! Publication date! AND MORE…

I’ve said from the very beginning of KINGDOM OF THE WICKED that those three books were Wrath and Emilia’s story and that KINGDOM OF THE FEARED would close out their romance. But, as some of you have seen/guessed, the other princes have their own tales to tell. The angst! The drama! The chance at finding their own HEA’s! (It’s something I pitched to my publisher before we sold KOTW and I’m beyond excited to expand the stories.)

ALLLLLLL that to say, I’ve been sitting on this secret all year and I’m so, so thrilled to confirm that the Prince of Envy has his own book! 👑💚

It’s not something I classify as a spin-off—it’s partly set in the world of KOTW, BUT…it also takes place in a brand new location. (The easiest comparison is regency romances—I.e. Bridgerton—where each book tells the romance of a different sibling but can be read on its own.) 💚

My next three books are all adult titles and I cannot wait to share more about each of them! 💚

More about Envy’s book:

THRONE OF THE FALLEN is a seductive new standalone novel set within the Kingdom of the Wicked world. It’s my ADULT debut, so please note this is definitely not for young readers.

THRONE OF THE FALLEN hits shelves on October 3, 2023 and my team has planned SO many incredible things to celebrate over the next few months! (The first of which is a double cover reveal + something extra fun that same day.) 🗝👑💚🗡🎨

TOTF is told from both Envy’s perspective and a brand new character—Miss Camilla Antonius. Artist, art dealer and secret keeper—Camilla has been SO much fun to write and I cannot wait for you to meet her as she gives Envy a little bit of hell! 🔥

US Preorder links go up January 11th, UK preorder links should be up soon! Add it to GoodReads here. 💚