Here’s the US (+ residents outside the UK) KINGDOM OF THE FEARED digital pre-order promotion!

After months (and months and months) of hard work behind the scenes, I’m happy to announce the KINGDOM OF THE FEARED US + *International pre-order promotion! *UK residents—your submission must be made through Hodder’s pre-order page linked here.


  1. UK residents: submit proof of purchase to Hodder’s pre-order page HERE.
  2. All other US and INTL readers: Submit proof of purchase to KOTFPREORDER22@gmail.com
  3. Make sure your preorder receipt is included in your email. (The screenshot needs to clearly show that KOTF was ordered and the order was confirmed.)
  4. If for any reason you need to update the screenshot of your receipt, ONLY reply to the automatic email response or your original email, do not start a new email thread. If the required info is missing from your screenshot by the promotion end date, your submission will not be valid.

PLEASE NOTE: an automatic email response will act as the receipt of your entry—no one will respond to questions as the email is ONLY for submission purposes. Check your spam folder if you do not receive the automatic response within a few minutes.

All entrants must be 18 or have parent/guardian permission to enter. By entering (in this case emailing a screenshot of your pre-order receipt of Kingdom of the Feared) you confirm you are either 18 at the start of the promotion (today) or have parent/guardian permission. As this is a digital prize, only one entry per person will be honored. This promotion ends September 26th at 11:59pm EST–any entry received after that date and time will not be valid.


The Prize is a digital PDF of nearly 40 pages of unedited /first look bonus content and behind the scenes material related to the KINGDOM OF THE WICKED series. Including an author letter, the first page of KOTF from Wrath’s POV, an interview with Gluttony and his rival reporter, handwritten author notes (SPOILER FILLED) about Emilia’s character history, two unedited spicy chapters from KOTF with a letter beforehand on the editing process, and a House Wrath icon created by the author. All content should be read AFTER finishing KOTF as it contains major spoilers, but like all bonus content I share it’s just for fun, it’s not canon. (UK residents have the same prize awarded through Hodder with valid entries.)


  • Any US or UK hardcovers, e-books or audiobooks published on September 27th are eligible. Yes, that includes ALL special editions! (Yes, the audiobooks are up for preorder and publish on Sept. 27th!) Yes! If you live outside the UK and ordered a UK book, you can enter this.
  • UK residents must submit their receipts to the Hodder pre-order page here instead.
  • Book subscription boxes DO count for this prize only.
  • Boxed Sets publish in October and are not eligible as this is only for the release of KOTF.
  • Anything not mentioned above is not eligible for the prize.

As the 27th of September is not a global release date, other editions publishing later on are unfortunately not included in this promotion. Any of the author’s publishers may choose to host their own pre-order promotions and include this content—or translations of this content—when their edition becomes available.


After eligibility requirements have been confirmed, prizes will start being sent to the email address used for submission for up to *12-16 weeks after publication. (This timeframe depends on how many entries are received and is subject to change, etc. The goal is to get them sent as quickly as possible.)

Please check your spam folder once Kerri announces on her Instagram and Facebook pages that all *eligible* prizes have been sent out.

HAPPY READING!!!!!!!!!!!!

LEGAL NOTICE: It is illegal to share copyrighted content that is owned by the author and publisher(s) without their express written consent. Anyone who uploads this content to the internet will be banned from any/all future pre-order prize campaigns.