BAM! Exclusive “The Wrath Edition” of KINGDOM OF THE CURSED!

I am thrilled to share that Books-A-Million has an exclusive/limited edition of KINGDOM OF THE CURSED!!! It’s the first BAM! Exclusive edition of my work, and I couldn’t be more excited!

They have a signed “Wrath edition” and an unsigned “Wrath edition.” Both contain the same exclusive bonus content, the only difference being the signature.

The signed Wrath editions are very limited in quantity, so if you or anyone you know is looking for signed copies, please do share the link with them. Once these sell out, they won’t be restocked.

These exclusive editions contain some of my favorite bonus material—an interview with Wrath, a Kingdom of the Cursed playlist, and my most treasured part…my family’s cannoli recipe. Readers of KINGDOM OF THE WICKED will know how partial Wrath is to his favorite dessert, so I’m thrilled to share my family recipe with you!

Below are quick links to each edition plus I answered some FAQ from my instagram post.






Is it the same content as the B&N exclusive editions? No. All exclusive editions have different content that is *exclusive* to that retailer.

What’s in this edition? The BAM! Exclusive Wrath Edition of Kingdom of the Cursed features exclusive content, including an interview with Wrath, his favorite cannoli recipe, and a special playlist.

Is there a difference between the signed and unsigned copies of this BAM! edition? The only difference is my signature, both contain the bonus Wrath content.

Will this be available internationally? I’m not sure what BAM!’s shipping policies are, so please check to see if they ship to you. Since this content is exclusive to them, it will only be sold via their online and physical stores.

Will there be preorder prizes? Yes! So far I know my US publisher will be hosting preorder prizes. I’m totally obsessed and can’t wait to share more at the end of this month!

I’ve heard this is more “new adult” in content, is this true? Yes! This is very much a new adult fantasy romance. Please be aware that the slow burn romance from book one is dialed waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay up in this second installment. I’ve share lots of “tame” teasers on my instagram account for a better idea of what you can expect.