Cover reveal: B&N Exclusive Edition of KINGDOM OF THE CURSED + current sale price!

Here it is! The stunning cover for the Barnes & Noble exclusive edition of KINGDOM OF THE CURSED! ❄️

The B&N exclusive edition features this frosty, alternate dust jacket + contains a scene from Wrath’s POV.  It’s also on sale now (YAY!!!), but I’m not sure how long the discounted price will last. ❄️

Due to shipping issues related to Covid-19, INTL readers may need to check to see if they deliver to your area. (A lovely reader told me they are shipping to Canada.)❄️

*Please note: Exclusive edition means this one is only available through B&N. It’s available to pre-order now while supplies last. (Once they sell out, I don’t believe they restock so please tell anyone who may be interested in snagging this special edition and may have missed the announcement.) I seriously cannot WAIT for you to enter the sinfully devious Seven Circles with Emilia. ❄️