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Happy birthday, little book. It’s been a wildly strange year full of ups and downs and stress and joy and every emotion in between, but we made it to publication day!!! I started an early draft of this story back in 2015 and put it on hold when the STALKING JACK THE RIPPER series sold, not knowing if I’d ever come back and revisit this world. I’m wildly excited that you’re finally getting to meet Emilia and Wrath, my supernatural enemies to lovers.

Reading has always been one of my favorite escapes, and my biggest hope is that KINGDOM OF THE WICKED provides an escape for you during these difficult times. I hope for a few hours you’re transported to a different time and place; one where demons and witches roam Sicilian streets and magic and mystery thicken the orange and plumeria-scented air. (Along with Nonna Maria’s scented spell candles, Vittoria’s magical perfumes, and Emilia’s favorite recipes.)

KINGDOM OF THE WICKED is my love letter to the place where my great grandparents lived and loved and dreamed. The recipes mentioned in the book are from my family’s restaurant, which was the inspiration behind the fictional Sea & Vine. 

By earth, blood, and bone I invite thee to enter the KINGDOM OF THE WICKED. But remember when it comes to The Wicked, nothingis as it seems…

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