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Exclusive cover reveal + first chapter up on Entertainment Weekly!

I’m so excited to announce that STALKING JACK THE RIPPER’S cover has been exclusively revealed on Entertainment Weekly today!

That’s right…Entertainment Weekly. I’m still blown away by both that AND the gorgeous cover the art director came up with. I’ll be posting behind the scenes pictures from the photoshoot next week, but today is ALL about the beautiful final cover art.

If you’d like to see it and fangirl with me, please click on this link—

Read an excerpt from Stalking Jack the Ripper — exclusive

If you need me, I’ll be dancing around the house all day.


6 thoughts on “Exclusive cover reveal + first chapter up on Entertainment Weekly!”

  1. TURN THE VOLUME UP TO 11! I’m dancing too! LOVE IT SO MUCH! Can’t wait to get every damn person I know to read this book!

  2. The cover art is really nice. I love the gothic tones. First chapter leaves you wanting more. Well done and best of luck for the release. You’re gonna kill it (pun intended) 🙂

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