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an ode to the precious and some gemma doyle fangirling

my latest book haul!
my latest book haul!

books are such magical things. we can open them and be transported to new worlds, new times, and new adventures. we can laugh and cry and shake our fists along with our favorite characters, and we can fall in love and have our hearts broken with them, too. my ya gothic horror is on submission right now, and i’m in the midst of researching and drafting out my latest project to keep from obsessively checking emails from my agent. i’m also binge-reading a bunch of books and loving every second of this part of work. here are a few titles from my recent book haul that i’ve been super excited about reading.



A COLD LEGACY – Megan Shepherd

RED QUEEN -Victoria Aveyard

omg the gemma doyle trilogy??? where has it been all my life. so. effing. good. i bought the other two books and am eagerly* awaiting their arrival. i cannot believe it’s taken me so long to get into them.

what debut are you most looking forward to? and what are some of your favorite creepy books? i need to add some more titles to my (ever) growing list!

*by eagerly awaiting i mean pacing back and forth, cursing the mail for being late, and breaking out into a cold, i-NEED-it-now sweat. the next step will be rocking in the corner and smacking my gums until the precious arrives. not pretty.


3 thoughts on “an ode to the precious and some gemma doyle fangirling”

  1. obsessive checking of mail leads to tendonitis….I should know! I love the new look and type treatment BTW. I have NOT read any of the Gemma Doyle books but I LOVED Libba Bray’s THE DIVINERS so I will absolutely move this to the TOP of my TBR list. Different genres but I’ve just read Rachel Hartman’s SERAPHINA and SHADOW SCALE which I loved and also, WILL GRAYSON, WILL GRAYSON, which I ALSO loved. How did THAT book get past me? Wish I didn’t have to sleep sos I couldz read!

    1. they are SO good! and i keep seeing SERAPHINA all over the place and have been wanting to scoop it up – definitely adding those recs to my list now! ooooh i am also intrigued by this will grayson, will grayson and am googling as we speak!

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