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Hunger Games text messages, pre BEA and Fun.

I’m not actually going, going to BEA this year (I know, I know I’m a terrible writer!)  – but I am meeting up with some pretty cool authors today. So I don’t have time for a real post, BUT I did find something that might make you smile on this Monday. Enjoy random Hunger Games text messages (that have absolutely nothing to do with BEA) from

Credit to tumblr

Here’s one of my favorite songs that again, has nothing to do with BEA or the Hunger Games. But it is a lot of fun…

Song: I wanna be the one

Band: Fun.

Video credit: ‘s youtube channel.

6 thoughts on “Hunger Games text messages, pre BEA and Fun.”

    1. i die a little each time i read the “i loaf you” part of that text. I wish you were in NYC today too, then we could have totally gotten drinks!!! Next time!

  1. Love those text messages! Cute. Also, I have recently discovered the band .fun. My favorite off this album is “The Gambler.”

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