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How do you handle distraction?

Today is just one of those days. After a round of afternoon yoga my chi is still at large. Time for option b…caffeine induced zen. Funny, that isn’t working either. No matter how much caffeine I ingest I’m not finding that zen garden today. You ever get like that?

I’m trying to figure out how my protagonist would handle distractions, which is throwing me into deeper levels of unproductiveness. Right about now she’d be throwing her arms up in disgust or taking a shot of Limoncello. While the Limoncello sounds tempting, I’m taking a break to write this blog to find out how you handle it all.

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So I want to know: how do you handle your online life, home life, (that’s right, the cooking, cleaning, dog-walking, litter changing, and laundry don’t take care of themselves) and your writing with all the distractions around?

Feel free to answer in the comment section or you can let me know on Twitter! I’m looking forward to your answers.

4 thoughts on “How do you handle distraction?”

  1. I typically try to shut off all forms of excess electronics. I put my phone on silent or turn it off completely, close down web browsers and then pray for productivity!!!!! :S

    Then I get caught up with the ‘oh my god what am i missing’ syndrome and I get back on the internet. Then i think oh my god what if i get THE CALL and my phones off? Its hard to not get distracted every day. oh look a bird…

    1. I try to keep my phone on vibrate throughout the day to cut down on distractions. However, it is difficult to do when you have subs out. Congrats on the requests, (if I read that right) Thanks for your input!

  2. I try to focus on ignoring everything. If I purposely think, no can’t do that until I have XYZ done, then I really focus in on the task at hand. But oh is it not easy!

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