Oceans and streams and crits for water

Photo credit mycharitywater.org

When people reach out to do good for others, it warms my freaking little heart like you wouldn’t believe. Therefore, I want to share with you something I’m seriously crushing on. There are only a few days left of the crits for water fundraising campaign, so don’t wait to check it out. Agent critiques, Author critiques, and so much more.

Here’s some information taken from The Flighty Temptress Blog: 

charity: water is a non-profit that is dedicated to bringing clean water to the estimated 1 billion people on earth who do not have access to it.  My favorite part about charity: water, is that all donations go directly towards the field, that is: building wells, sanitation projects, good hygiene, etc.  They are a very transparent charity, one of the most transparent in the world.

Find out more information about the founding of charity water here. It’s really inspirational.

To date (December 30, 2010) charity: water has built/funded nearly 4000 water projects around the world, though mostly in Africa.  They have helped more than 1.7 million people avoid water-borne diseases and develop good hygiene practices.

There are three more awesome chances for crits left!!! (not to mention the awesome Kat Brauer also does Kat-crits, but only until the 30th!)

Here’s the current auction on her blog: The roctastickness that is Agent Savant, Laurie McLean, is offering a THREE chapter and TWO page synopsis critique via AUCTION for Crits for Water. This can be from the following genres: adult genre fiction (romance, fantasy, thriller, mystery, horror, science fiction) or young adult (teen). The auction starts now and will end at 11:59pm on June 24, Eastern Time.

CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT THE AUCTION AND HER SUPER FAB SITE!!! The caps were necessary, because I’m super excited. Go donate whatever you can for such an awesome cause. Happy weekend!!! <3333333

Song of the day: I Got Mine (the Black Keys)

If you haven’t listened to the Black Keys yet, you’re definitely missing out on a great band. So here’s a song just for you <3333’s! Happy Friday, and for everyone celebrating Easter, I hope the bunny’s good to you!! 🙂

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