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The devil went down to Georgia

"Decaffeinated coffee is the devil's blend." - Unknown Author It's like you can read my mind... Today, we ran out of REAL coffee. Heads. Will. Roll. Oh--wait. It's my fault. *sticks hands in pockets and whistles* <333333333333333

Caffeine, Quotes

Don’t think twice, it’s all right

"Don't think. Thinking is the enemy of creativity. It's self-conscious and anything self-conscious is lousy. You can't "try" to do things. You simply "must" do things." - Ray Bradbury I simply MUST get a cup of coffee. STAT. What gets your characters/plot going in the morning? XOXOXO

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Dating advice from Momma Angelina

“Don’t drink so much coffee in the morning Andrea. You’ll never find a man if your teeth turn brown and rot out of your head.” On that pleasant note we said our goodbyes and got off the phone. I quickly ran to the bathroom to brush my teeth once more with whitening toothpaste. Just in… Continue reading Dating advice from Momma Angelina

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To love…

  "We are born to love as we are born to die, and between the heartbeats of those two great mysteries lies all the tangled undergrowth of our tiny lives. There is nowhere to go but through. And so we walk on, lost, and lost again, in the mapless wilderness of love." -Tim Farrington I… Continue reading To love…

Literary Agents

Literary Agents, a writer’s best friend or agents of the dark side?

While the majority of writers appear to be genuinely grateful for agents, others seem less enthused. I’ve read blog posts where agents are put right up there as Satan’s right hand man or woman. They sit back in their office on the 32nd floor of a Manhattan high-rise, grab a cup of coffee and then… Continue reading Literary Agents, a writer’s best friend or agents of the dark side?