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Newsletter sign-ups are here!

holy bucketfuls of AWESOMENESS. i received an overwhelmingggggggggggg amount of enthusiasm when i asked if you would be interested in a newsletter, and i’m so pleased to announce that you can now sign up for one!

if there’s something you’d love to know about writing, or publishing (or anything in general!), please feel free to drop a note in the comments and it may make it to future newsletters. 

click here to sign up.

some fun things you can expect are:



4 thoughts on “Newsletter sign-ups are here!”

  1. Hi Kerri, I love your Stalking Jack the Ripper books. I cannot wait for the new book. I am trying to finish my book and wanted to know your process, from idea, to creation, etc. when you write. Please tell all!!

  2. Who were some of your favorite writers from when you were a teen that you feel still influence your writing style today?

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