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the Capturing the Devil tour is here!

i’m so happy to share cities and dates for the CAPTURING THE DEVIL fall tour with you! special guests—plus two more events—will be revealed in the coming weeks, but i can announce that my good friend Stephanie Garber will be joining me at Kepler’s! 

CapturingDevil_author tour


q: can i order a signed and personalized copy?

a: yes! you can preorder signed/personalized copies from any of my tour stops. contact the store for details on how.

q: do i need a ticket to attend one of the tour events?

a: this is a GREAT question to ask each store. (they all have different policies.)  

q: can i preorder a signed/personalized copy if i live outside of the US?

a: definitely! please check with the stores, but i know for a fact at least a few offer INTL shipping. 

q: will there be preorder prizes given out this year?

a: heck yes! we’re getting close to announcing what it will be, and i am SO excited!

q: will the preorder prizes be open INTL?

a: unfortunately, it’s not legal for a US publisher to open it internationally. like last year, my team is looking into ways of getting signed copies to readers outside of the US and also including the preorder prizes. (standard shipping rates usually apply, which is out of our control.)  

q: will you be touring outside of the US?

a: i am not able-bodied, so traveling is really hard for me, but i’d love to one day! 

q: will there be any special editions of CAPTURING THE DEVIL?

a: i’ve worked with a few book subscription boxes this year (and there will be signed copies), but i haven’t heard of any additional editions yet. i wrote the Thomas Cresswell novella—BECOMING THE DARK PRINCE (out in July!)—as bonus content that will be available to everyone.  

q: if i ordered one of the special edition book boxes, does that count as a preorder?

a: that’s a question for my publisher, and as soon as i find out, i’ll share more.

q: will there be a boxed set?

a: yes! there *is* a special edition of the boxed set (B&N’s will feature all four books signed, but they’re VERY limited!), plus i’m signing a gorgeous double-sided poster that will be exclusive to the boxed sets.

q: if we order a boxed set does that count as a preorder for CTD?

a: another fantastic question for my publisher! i don’t believe so since it has a later publication date, but will update on social media when i know for certain.