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Special Post: Ask an agent ANYthing and Harper is open to unagented submissions!

A couple of amazing things I had to share with my fellow writing friends…

If you’ve ever wanted an opportunity to ask a literary agent ANY question regarding publishing – now’s your chance! My agent (Barbara Poelle) is doing a monthly column for Writers Digest where she’ll be answering questions from YOU.

No writing/publishing question is off limits. (Unless you’re especially pervy. Then shame on you, Pervy McPervy Pants.)

If you’re uncomfortable with using your real name, Sleepless in Seattle’s are welcome. Or, you know…the more writerly version of that.

If you have something you’d like answered honestly, with good humor and spot on industry info, then direct your questions to:

writersdigest [at] fwmedia [dot] com with “Funny You Should Ask” in the subject line.

I can vouch 1,000% for how awesome Barbara is.

Here’s part of the announcement from Writers Digest itself:

Have you ever wished you could get advice on your writing life, your pursuit of publication, and everything in between, from an expert source would tell it to you straight, with good humor and grace?

So have we! That’s why we’re excited to announce WD’s new advice column, “Funny You Should Ask,” in which popular literary agent Barbara Poelle—known for her knack for spotting debut talent at Irene Goodman Literary Agency as well as for her approachable, refreshingly honest and sometimes irreverent style of instructing writers—will begin tackling your toughest problems and offering up her best advice for writers in the pages of Writer’s Digest magazine.

For the full article and extra details CLICK HERE.

On to the second bit of writerly awesome! Harper Voyager is going to be open to unagented submissions for the first time in a decade!!! The window to submit your work is only going to be from October 1st-14th.

(That’s starting THIS Monday, kids.)

For submission guidelines check out the link HERE.


Lastly, I finally joined tumblr last week. And guys, I’m kinda addicted. If you’re there and want to hang out and share things or ask me questions about writing, or publishing, or kittens, or of I’m team X,Y or Z…here’s where you can find me:


6 thoughts on “Special Post: Ask an agent ANYthing and Harper is open to unagented submissions!”

  1. Hi Kerri,
    I shared this week’s news about Barbara’s WD Q&A column, a fantastic opportunity for writers to get the skinny from our fabulous agent, but wasn’t aware of this great submission opportunity from Harper. So glad you shared it so I can! I can’t think when a big traditional publisher has opened the door like this before! I still owe you a pair of sox. I didn’t forget! xoxo

    1. Hey Barbara!
      Thanks so much for popping over 🙂
      I definitely can’t wait to read the Q&A column, I think I’m going to get a WD subscription just so I don’t miss it! I LURVE the way B gives advice.

      And isn’t the Harper thing awesome?! It gives a lot of writers out there an amazing opportunity – thanks so much for sharing it!

      Argyle sox rock the hardest, just like YOU. xoxoxox

  2. So generous! Can’t wait to read! (and if I think of anything- ask.)

    Longtime quiet reader of your blog, but now subscribing/following…love your humor and writerly insight.


    1. Aww. Thanks so much for subscribing, Deirdre!

      Your comment truly made my day, I hope you’re having an equally amazing afternoon and I look forward to getting to know you better through the wonderful interwebs!


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