KINGDOM OF THE FEARED virtual tour!!!!

I’m so happy to share the two VIRTUAL tour stops this fall to celebrate KINGDOM OF THE FEARED’s release!!!!!

The first virtual event is being hosted by seven independent bookstores on TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 27th @ 9pm EST and I’ll be in conversation with the ever awesome Aymansbooks from TikTok!! — each bookstore has its own deadly sin swag item + a Wrath themed swag item + a signed bookplate that come with your ticket. (Ticket = book purchase.)

During the event we’ll get to announce which bookstore had which seven deadly sin i.e. House of Sin!

The second virtual event is hosted by B&N on WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 28th @ 7PM EST and the incredible Holly Black will be in conversation with me! B&N will have a spoiler themed swag item + the same Wrath item as the indies + a signed bookplate with their ticket purchase. (Ticket = book purchase)

To sum up: each event will come with a hardcover of KOTF (standard US edition for the indies and the B&N exclusive edition for B&N) plus three exclusive virtual tour goodies. (One House of Sin swag item + one Wrath swag item + a signed bookplate.) ***These are not preorder prizes, those will be announced sometime this month.

All tickets are LIMITED due to the swag + signed bookplates. Once they sell out, there won’t be any more tickets. Please share the info with anyone who’s wanted to attend an event or collect the swag.

Each independent store has its own policy for where they ship, so please visit their event pages for international shipping details. (Unfortunately I have no info on that.)

B&N Event Tickets are sold through Eventbrite and can be found here:


****If you’ve already preordered the B&N exclusive they suggest purchasing your ticket first and canceling your previous preorder. The Eventbrite system is different from their B&N system which is why your preorders won’t just transfer over.

The Seven Independent bookstore event tickets are linked below.

Kepler’s Books 

Changing Hands

Book People

Joseph-Beth Booksellers

Schuler Books

Books & Books

Novel Neighbor