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STALKING JACK THE RIPPER boxed sets are hitting shelves in one week! preview bonus material here + FAQ

one week from today the STALKING JACK THE RIPPER series hardcover boxed sets hit shelves! i’ve gotten a bunch of questions about them and decided to answer them here for you.

ALL boxed sets, regardless of where you buy them, come with a signed double-sided poster that was designed exclusively for the boxed sets. (sneak preview here!)

Limited edition B&N boxed sets feature signed books PLUS the signed poster. this set is exclusive to B&N only, which means if you want the signed series + the signed poster, this is the only retailer that’s offering that option and only while supplies last.

the books are hardcover, i’m not sure about a paperback boxed set yet, but if that does happen, then i believe they would contain all of the bonus content that’s featured in the paperbacks. if you’d like a bind up of bonus materials–including digital-only releases like BECOMING THE DARK PRINCE–, definitely ask my publisher! you never know what might happen if enough people request it.

i spent the summer signing and signing and signing and signing and had so much fun. i am SO thrilled it’s hitting shelves so close to Halloween, and i think Thomas and Audrey Rose’s gothic hearts would be equally excited!





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