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NINE DAYS LEFT! Pre-order prize questions and answers.

hello, friends! happy Saturday! i’m getting LOTS AND LOTS of questions about pre-orders and with only NINE days left to pre-order, i am answering them below. PLEASE click the link to the pre-order submission page if your question wasn’t answered—it has ALL the answers!

Screen Shot 2019-08-29 at 3.14.12 PM.png

how long do i have to pre-order/what is a pre-order?

***if I pre-order do I automatically get the alternate cover and art?

  •  the quick answer is no. you need to take a screenshot of your receipt and upload it to the pre-order prize claim site. (this is the number one question I keep getting, so please please please spread the word to anyone you know who’s already pre-ordered. I would HATE for them to miss out because they didn’t submit those forms!)

where do I pre-order from?

  • you can pre-order from anywhere. Indies, Amazon, B&N, iBooks, Kobo, etc.

what format counts?

  • it’s outlined on the prize submission page, but ebooks, hardcovers, and audiobooks.

do Beacon Book Boxes count?

  • unfortunately, no. book boxes don’t typically count towards pre-order prizes unless they opt to purchase them for their boxes. (I don’t know more details on why, i’m sorry!)

do Fae Crate boxes count?

  • if you ordered a “book-included” box from Fae Crate, they purchased and will include your alternate cover + the art print in the boxes.

i live outside the US, can i still get the prizes?

  • yes! Premier Collectables has signed books + the alternate dust jackets + the art prints available for purchase through their site. the offer lasts until September 9th! 

do i still get the regular cover if i submit for the alternate cover?

  •  YES! your book will come from wherever you purchased it with the original cover. the JIMMY books team ships out the pre-order prizes. details on when you can expect your prizes are on the website where you submit your forms.


  • US readers: Pre-order ANYWHERE by September 9th at midnight
  • ebooks, hardcovers, and audiobooks count
  • Submit your proof of purchase to the website HERE
  • INTL readers purchase through Premier Collectables HERE

that’s it! according to my publisher’s numbers, there are still LOTS of people who’ve pre-ordered but haven’t claimed their prizes! xoxoxo