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ESCAPING FROM HOUDINI paperbacks with bonus tarot cards are on sale now!

Happy paperback book birthday to ESCAPING FROM HOUDINI!!! These paperbacks feature some of my most favorite bonus content ever: annotated tarot cards! (I preview a few in my video, but there’s more!)

these are the tarot + playing cards i designed with Phantom Rin for the ESCAPING FROM HOUDINI pre-order prizes last year, and while we can’t bring back the actual tarot cards, i’ve gotten SO SO SO many requests, i thought this would be a fun way for readers who missed out on the original prizes to own the artwork.

Also, today marks exactly TWO weeks until CTD!!!! 🖤🖤


ESCAPING FROM HOUDINI paperback quick links:



Barnes & Noble


Don’t forget to submit your CTD pre-order screenshots/receipts before September 9th to claim this year’s prizes!! xoxo