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HUNTING PRINCE DRACULA paperbacks + Thomas Cresswell letters are out today!

HPD book birthday!happy paperback book birthday to HUNTING PRINCE DRACULA! there was such a HUGE plea from readers to include more scenes from Thomas’s POV, so i jumped inside his head once again as he wrote letters to his sister about his “growing affliction.” here’s a quote from his opening letter:

“I seem to be developing an emotional attachment. For another. Most specifically a young woman who dresses as a young man in my forensic medicine class. It’s abhorrent. (This situation, not her trousers.).. First my mind, then I fear my heart will follow in this treachery.”

paperbacks are available EVERYWHERE today, so you can snag your copy in store or online. i hope it helps ease the time until ESCAPING FROM HOUDINI hits shelves….TWO WEEKS!!!! (I am TOTALLY not freaking out….much.)

as always, please don’t forget to upload screenshots of your receipts for EFH so you can get your eight custom tarot cards. there are only 13 days left to submit for the preorder prizes! (OMGGGgggGGGGggGGGGgggg)