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25 Things Writers Worry About

Dear Writers & Creative People,

Did you notice all the “What If’s” and “Maybes” in there?

You’re not alone in your doubts, every creative person feels the same way at one point or another. I promise you’re going to be fine. You have so many stories to tell, creativity will flow out of your pores for the remainder of your life.

Please don’t worry about all those ‘what if’s’ – they’re just trying to hold you back. Keep reading, keep revising, tell the story only you can tell, and trust your gut. And most importantly, keep writing, writing, writing. With all that hard work, you’re bound to see results.

Go out there and do amazing things, I know you can.


Your future projects

10 thoughts on “25 Things Writers Worry About”

  1. To hell with worry and indecision. Just write.
    In fact, over-write by a factor of 50 percent. Turn into a writing machine!
    Then, instead of re-writing, just cut by 50 percent.
    It’s a lot easier to throw stuff out than it is to re-write.

    Jim Zee

  2. You tell yourself these worries go away when you have affirmation. When you have an agent. A book deal. NYT bestseller status.

    They don’t. They get worse. But the advice, the how-to-stop-the-doubts–that never changes. Just keep writing.

    Thanks for this, Kerri 🙂

    1. EXACTLY, Taryn! I think those little doubts will always, always remain – which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It helps to keep us working hard on our next projects 🙂

      And I owe you an email!! I’ll be sending it over in the next day or so. 🙂

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