OMG – A Book-Mas Tree!!!

I posted this on twitter a couple of days ago, but HAD to share it with you! I heart this book tree SO MUCH. Enjoy the photo, my fellow bibliophiles <333333

**I’m not sure where the pic originated from, since it’s been floating around the interwebs – but all credit belongs to the individual who Β created it.

Wishing you a very inspiring day! <33333


16 thoughts on “OMG – A Book-Mas Tree!!!

  1. When I first saw this floating around the internet, it made me happy. Then I thought about it and became horrified. What if something happened with the wiring and the books caught fire? I love my books too much to subject it to a potential fire hazard. (But it’s still really, really pretty.)

    1. LOL you can’t argue with the importance of hanging the chocolate! I think next year I’m going to test a bookmas tree out on a smaller scale – maybe put it on a table as a centerpiece. OR I’ll just print this pic out and hang it some place to admire πŸ˜‰

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