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A Day in the Life: Querying Phase

Regular blog followers know I’m just beginning to query my latest shiny manuscript. So I thought I’d interject some humor for others who are, or have ever been a part of the query-go-round. Enjoy!

Day in the writing life: Querying Phase

  1. Morning coffee
  2. Open special query email
  3. Gasp when you see 10 new messages
  4. Swear when you see they’re not from agents
  5. Check OTHER non-query email account
  6. Keep query email window open
  7. Check it again
  8. Scan new deals on Publishers Marketplace
  9. Check query email again
  10. Check out Guide to Literary Agents blog
  11. Did the email ding?
  12. Check again
  13. Swear at your over active imagination. No wait! You need that.
  14. What day is it? Blog
  15. Tweet
  16. Check email
  17. Sip coffee
  18. Check other, other email account
  19. Head over to Query Tracker
  20. Obsessively check for agent updates in the comment section
  21. New message!
  22. Heart flutters
  23. Comment pingback, awesome
  24. Respond to comment. I love blogging
  25. Check out Absolute Write
  26. Check email
  27. Open your manuscript
  28. Read the opening chapters
  29. See an error on page seven
  30. Why do commas FORSAKE me?!
  31. Email dings
  32. Rejection
  33. Expletive
  34. Re-read query letter
  35. Decide your writing sucks
  36. More coffee
  37. Mooore coffee
  38. Check email
  39. Check twitter
  40. Chat with writerly friends
  41. Check email
  42. Check sent mail
  43. Laugh manically
  44. I must be crazy
  45. Check email again
  46. Stomach flips
  47. New message alert
  48. Prepare for the worst
  49. Blink.
  50. FULL REQUEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All this before lunchtime… Hope your weekend is filled with requests, writing, reading, laughter, and sparkling butterflies. XO

2 thoughts on “A Day in the Life: Querying Phase”

  1. AACK! YES. I hate the check email compulsion .It cannot be ignored! LOL on the overactive imagination quip. HA.

    So … is this a non-fictional rundown, my unidextrous twinkie? You got a FULL REQUEST? SQUEEE! You ROCK.

    1. I think it comes as part of the “being a writer” package, lol! This may in fact be a non-fictional rundown…*whispers there might be a number eight in front of that last one* *crosses fingers*

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