Exclusive edition FAQ + a flash PREORDER sale at B&N!

Hello, friends! I have a short couple of days before my KOTF copyedits arrive and I’m answering some FAQ about KINGDOM OF THE FEARED exclusive editions below. FIRST, B&N is hosting a flash sale (April 20-22) and you can snag their exclusive edition of KINGDOM OF THE FEARED for 25% off using code PREORDER25!!!

Onto some FAQ!!

How many exclusive editions?

Two in the US and one UK/international edition.

Does that include book boxes?

That is for retailers only.

Will there be signed editions?

Not for retailers this year. There is a paper shortage and supply chain issues, and between that and how quickly my turnaround time is for getting this book out early, I was unable to fit signing in this year. (Believe it or not, it takes several months to do.)

What about independent bookstores?

My publisher has been cooking up something fun for indies that will be hosting the virtual tour this September. Once all of that is scheduled, I’ll be able to share more. (That’s usually closer to publication day!)

What bonus content is in each book?

The B&N exclusive edition has the pale pink/rose gold cover (pictured above) plus a chapter from Envy’s POV.

The Walmart exclusive edition has a scene from Wrath’s POV.

The Waterstones exclusive edition has sprayed edges and Wrath/Emilia inspired end papers.

PLEASE NOTE: these are all hardcovers and are LIMITED. They will not be restocked once they sell out.

Can the bonus content be used in other stores/book boxes?

“Exclusive” means just that—it’s exclusive to the retailer who requests it. How it works: A retailer contacts my publisher with a request for their own edition and then they work out the details, i.e. they have their own contract. (I don’t know anything about that part—authors aren’t paid for any bonus content, it’s just something we do on top of our other workload—for our readers.)

Can there be bonus content for international books?

My publishers have tried VERY hard to do this for my readers by pitching it to retailers outside of the US. Ultimately it’s up to the retailer whether or not they want an exclusive edition. If they don’t think there’s interest or the editions won’t sell, they won’t take a chance on it. The best thing a reader can do to get exclusive editions in their country is to let your retailers or my publishers in your country know. (A great way to do that is by liking/commenting on their posts on social media, etc.)

Can you just make the bonus content available?

I wish I could! BUT . . . the retailers who requested the content legally own the rights to it. (Authors sell their rights when they sell their books to their publishers.)

Will there be pre-order prizes?

Yes!!! Both my US and UK teams are working on something and the planning process is very complex behind the scenes. (They each have legal departments who have to go over everything and there’s a bunch of rules/regulations they have to follow, etc. so it takes some time to iron all of that out.) Once I hear more from them, I’ll definitely share!