Waterstones Exclusive KINGDOM OF THE CURSED reveal

Happy Saturday! I am thrilled to reveal the Waterstones exclusive edition of KINGDOM OF THE CURSED!!! It’s the first time they’ve done a special edition for one of my books, and it’s largely due to how much you kept asking online, hoping for it! I absolutely adore the sprayed edges and cannot wait for mine to arrive.

These editions come with a signed bookplate and feature the gorgeous frosty blue sprayed edges seen here. They are limited/exclusive editions, and I believe are limited to one copy per customer. Once they sell out, they will not be restocked. They are currently up for preorder now and I suggest grabbing one as soon as you are able to if you’d like one.

My UK team Hodder & Stoughton is also hard at work on preorder prizes, and once I have more info on that, I’ll share it here and across my social platforms. Please do save your receipts! 

@Hodderbooks (on TikTok) is also going to reveal something KINGDOM OF THE CURSED related on their TikTok once they reach 500 followers. (They are close now!) Here’s a quick link if you’d like to help unlock that goodie.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend! xoxo