BEA 2016

Fellow Sweet 16er Robin Yardi put together this great list of @TheSweet16s authors who will be at BEA next week. (Myself included.) Come and say hi if you’re there! <333


I and a bunch of other Sweet Sixteen authors (young adult and middle grade authors debuting in 2016) will be heading to BEA in Chicago… NEXT WEEK. If you’ll be there come get signed copies or chat about books and writing with us:

5/11 3:00-3:30, Eric Chapman, TEACH ME TO FORGET, Table 1

5/12 10-10:30, Audrey Coulthurst, FIRE AND STARS, Table 4

5/12 10-10:30, Isabel Bandeira, BOOKISHLY EVER AFTER, Table 14

5/12 11-11:30, Lisa Koosis, RESURRECTING SUNSHINE, Booth 2201

5/12 1-2:00, Robin Yardi, THE MIDNIGHT WAR OF MATEO MARTINEZ, Table 12

5/12 1:30-2:30, Chelsea Sedoti, THE HUNDRED LIES OF LIZZIE LOVETT, Booth 2333

5/12 3-3:30, Julie Leung, MICE OF THE ROUND TABLE, Table 10

5/12 3:30-4:30, Paula Garner, PHANTOM LIMBS, Booth 1529

5/13 11-12:00, Casey Lyall, HOWARD WALLACE PI, Booth 1467

5/13 11-12:00, Jeff Giles, EDGE OF EVERYTHING, Table 6

5/13 11:30-12, Stephanie Garber, CARAVAL, Booths 1958 & 1959


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