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Special Post: Local Musicians Ban Together to assist Victims of Hurricane Irene

Credit: Don Melts, Yael Manor, Tri-State Weather, Anne McInnis

Something kind of amazing came to my attention last night, so I’m sharing it with you. I’m hoping that you, in turn, will share the information with the people you know and love. One voice can make a difference, please don’t wait to use yours.

Everyone in New York knows firsthand the devastating effect Hurricane Irene had on so many communities, especially in the upstate counties. Entire towns have been completely wiped out. It’s hard to process the images coming out of places like Schoharie County without having your heart squeeze. One storm has managed to devastate so many local businesses and homes, it’s surreal in the worst way.

In one Lower Hudson Valley town — in the beautiful black dirt region — a farmer said it’s harvesting season and with the land under water, he’s lost about $400,000 in crops alone. That’s not including damage sustained to the farm, or the six-figure farm equipment. He’s not sure the business can survive in Irene’s aftermath.

That is just one story out of thousands. Some damages include bridges, highways, secondary roads, train tracks, hundreds of drowned livestock, and all of the homes and businesses filled with water and mud along the way. To make matters worse, most people don’t have flood insurance because this part of the country is not usually subject to flooding.


You may be thinking, “What can I do to assist the people hardest hit in such strained economic times?”

That’s easy.

A group of NYC-based musicians are joining forces and lending their voices to a compilation album. It’s titled, “After the Flood: a Compilation to Benefit Upstate New York Victims of Hurricane Irene.”It will be available as a digital-only release starting September 2nd. That’s TOMORROW!

All of the proceeds will go directly to the Northeast New York State Chapter of the Red Cross, earmarked towards the flood relief and the Schoharie County Community Program.

The album will contain over thirty tracks downloadable in the format of your choice, along with a detailed PDF booklet with information on each artist. Most of them have been featured in this column already, so you’re guaranteed to love it.

Here is the current lineup of the artists who have generously donated a track to the compilation: (Please note this reflects the lineup when this article went to press. More may be included.)

Abby Ahmad

Bri Arden

Chris Ayer

Barnaby Bright

Lelia Broussard

Josh Dion

Bryan Dunn

Lara Ewen

Kailin Garrity

Shira Goldberg

Caleb Hawley

Greg Holden

Nick Howard

Zach Hurd

Wes Hutchinson

Mighty Kate

Sierra Noble

Joyous Noise

Charlene Kaye

Will Knox

Allie Moss

Abby Payne

Rachel Platten

Chrissi Poland

Martin Rivas

Jessi Robertson

Bess Rogers

Amber Rubarth

Jesse Ruben

John Schmitt

Casey Shea

Allison Weiss

Alexa Wilkinson

Emily Zuzik

They’ve shared their voices, now it’s time to do your part. New Yorkers are an amazing group of people, and in times like these — I’m even more proud to be one. Do what we do best in times of crisis, and help your neighbor out. Buy the album on Friday, then tell all of your friends and family to do the same.

**Please note: the album will be available on Friday (TOMORROW), so if you click on the link today don’t panic if you don’t see the tracks.**

“Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened.” – Buddha

Credit: Don Melts, Yael Manor, Tri-State Weather, Anne McInnis
Credit: Don Melts, Yael Manor, Tri-State Weather, Anne McInnis
Credit: Don Melts, Yael Manor, Tri-State Weather, Anne McInnis

2 thoughts on “Special Post: Local Musicians Ban Together to assist Victims of Hurricane Irene”

  1. GAR. How did I miss this post? I’ve started revisions on the adult literary novel my agent is subbing next, and I haven’t had as much time for tweeting or blogging. Is it too late to buy this? What a great cause!

    1. Oooh revisions are a special kind of *fun, godspeed with them! 😉

      Isn’t this just the greatest thing what these musicians are doing? I swear, my heart is so filled with gooey love it’s not even funny. You can still get the compilation, as far as I know there is no date that it’s coming down, so 43 tracks are all yours!!! Good stuff, too.

      *and by fun I mean, elation, frustration, jubilation, vindication, and Vodka-ation!!! LOL. Seriously, wishing you lots of inspiration for your revisions and I can’t wait to read more about it! Happy weekend 🙂

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