Worst NYC Heatwave…Ever

It’s kind of like being slapped in the face* with a warm sponge outside today. Not. Cool. Literally. So here’s a song to pay tribute to the heat wave attacking NY. Hope wherever you are, it’s a little cooler out there. Have a great weekend, and drink lots of water! XO

Artist: Martha & the Vandellas

Song: Heatwave

Video credit MusicArtistWorld Youtube Channel

***IF you’ve never been slapped in the face by a sponge, perhaps you should go try it out. Immediately. <33333

3 thoughts on “Worst NYC Heatwave…Ever”

  1. Hehe! You rock my world w/your great posts! I always leave here smiling!

    And totally feeling your weather woes. Here in my neck of the woods, it’s cloudy and there’s the scent of rain on the air but we haven’t had a drop yet. There’s storm activity all around us but it’s all going in different directions, missing us completely.

    I’ve decided there’s an invisible bubble around us, kind of like Wonder Woman’s sentient Fortress of Solitude, the WonderDome. You know, the thing her invisible jet turned itself into to make amends for betraying her. And the fact that I know such an obscure bit of trivia only validates that my brother was a complete comic book NERD (or am I the nerd?). HA!

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