Road to Joy

My latest novel is almost through with final edits and is just pending one last critique. *SQUEEEE* It’s always great finishing a book, until that nagging urge to write another pops up (almost IMMEDIATELY). But, I promise I’ll enjoy the feeling of triumph. Today at least. 🙂

Here’s a song for anyone else experiencing their own ‘Road to Joy’. Happy Friday, hope you have a really great weekend. XO

Artist: Bright Eyes

Song: Road to Joy

Video credit: gurkmannen37’s youtube channel

2 thoughts on “Road to Joy”

  1. Congrats on finishing your final edits. I’m in the hell that is Camp NaNoWriMo, trying to bang out a crappy first draft, but it’s nice to celebrate another writer’s victory. Will you be publishing?

    1. Thank you! Hopefully one day I’ll be publishing it 🙂 so far I’m just preparing to query agents. BTW, congrats on your first draft, that’s no easy task! Is it your first novel?

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