America’s Got (lots of) Talent with musician Rachel Zamstein

One of the kindest/sweetest/most amazing/ [insert tons more awesome descriptions] people (and musical talents) I’ve ever met, is heading to Vegas thanks to America’s Got Talent. Rachel Zamstein is the kind of person that shines her little light wherever she goes, so please watch the video, support her and cheer her on from your television screens. The world needs more Rachel Zamstein’s in it! CONGRATS RACHEL!!!!!! XOXO

Video credit AmericazGotTalents Youtube Channel

Examiner Article below:

Fans of the hit NBC television show America’s Got Talent have already been privy to the subject of today’s article: the uber-talented songstress, Rachel Zamstein. Examiner.comfirst introduced you to this artist in April of 2010, and since our last report, a lot of good things have been happening for the twenty-six year old Connecticut native.

In a heart pounding decision, the judges on America’s Got Talent voted in favor of sending Zamstein to Vegas in a two-one tally. It was a good decision. From the wildly enthusiastic response of the audience – she is obviously already a crowd pleaser. The only judge who didn’t feel Rachel was ready just yet was Howie Mandel. And he’s probably just bitter about her awesome head of hair.

Zamstein is blowing up all over the internet with support and early predictions of her going all the way in the competition. Which is more than deserved, as she’s been working on her musical talents for most of her life. She exudes a genuine warmth and vulnerability that make you want to pull for her. And really, she’s got the singing chops to pull off winning easily. Be sure to check her music out, and show your support for her by watching the show.

If you’d like to learn more about her, check out her new band Lily Red’s website. They’re  currently in the studio, so lot’s of good things are expected to be happening there.

More information on Rachel Zamstein:

Twitter: @iamrachelbeth

4 thoughts on “America’s Got (lots of) Talent with musician Rachel Zamstein”

    1. Yay so glad you like her Genna!! She’s an absolute doll, so tell everyone you know to support her 🙂 Hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend!

  1. OMG, what an incredible voice! And she has this American sweetheart vulnerability that just pours out of her and makes you want to hug her. 🙂 I hope she kicks everyone’s butts in Vegas and makes Mandel eat some stringy crow. HEH. I’ll be rooting her on! And now I’m off to check out her band’s website. Thanks for the head’s up!

    1. Anita, so glad you checked her music out!!! Rachel is seriously awesome — She’s finishing up vocals in the studio tonight and tomorrow and her new band Lily Red has some great demos up you might love tool 🙂

      Hope your 4th was spectacular my writerly sister 🙂 🙂

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