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Pop rocks and Martinis, who woulda thunk it?!

Whoopsie, I’m sorry for the late-day post. But something tells me all will be forgiven, once you see this gem of a recipe I found. My mother always says, if you don’t share, you won’t have any friends. So to please my mother, (and all you alkies out there) here is a recipe that combines an 80s candy, and a classic Martini. Enjoy XOXOXO


Photo credit Whitelaw Hotel & Lounge (Miami)


Here’s what you’ll need:

4 parts Raspberry Vodka

3 parts Dekuyper Strawberry Passion Pucker

A splash of pineapple juice

Top with the iconic ’80s candy.

Mix all the ingredients together, serve COLD and be sure you make enough for your friends. They’ll thank you. <333333

2 thoughts on “Pop rocks and Martinis, who woulda thunk it?!”

  1. You always find the interesting cocktails! This is going on my need to try list. Also, last night I had the opportunity to try a mango saketini. It was pretty delish!

    1. Thanks so much! I love funky cocktails, and let me just say, YUM about the mango saketini. I’ll have to add that one to the list of drinks to try!!!

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