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You’re right, it’s only fair… but this post comes with a warning

Yesterday’s post on what’s playing on YOUR iPod got some great feedback on the blog and Twitter. A lot of you suggested some great bands I’ve never heard of and I must say, I’m impressed! There were quite a few of your favorites that have now been added to my playlist.

If you’ve got music that gets your creative juices flowing, don’t be shy… it’s time to share.

Speaking of sharing – I was sent a DM (or twelve) about what my iTunes consists of. I write about music and I talk about it all the time, and people have asked for a glimpse into my private music stash. So, at your request I’ll list out a few (bands/artists) alphabetically.

WARNING: I won’t be able to list them all, there really are too many. It’s not just a ‘stock’ answer I give – I swear!

Aaron Zimmer       Dashboard Confessional       Greg Holden

Alkaline Trio         David ‘Honeyboy’ Edwards           Hall & Oates

Andy Mac               Descendents              Hot Hot Heat

The Ataris              The Doors             Ian Axel

The Band                Doves             Ishmon Bracy

The Beach Boys     Dusty Springfield     Jack Johnson

the Beatles              Ella Fitzgerald           Janis Joplin

Beck                         Elliott Smith                Jay-Z

Billie Holiday         Etta James               Jeff Buckley

The Bird and the Bee         Face to Face        John Lennon

Black Lips         Feist              Jump Little Children

Blind Joe Reynolds        The Felice Brothers         Junior Brooks

Bob Dylan              The Flaming Lips           Jupiter One

Bob Marley           Florence + The Machine           Leonard Cohen

Bon Iver             Fontella Bass              Less Than Jake

Bright Eyes             Franz Ferdinand              Lily Allen

Charley Patton           Fugees                  Louis Armstrong

Charlie Booker          Gary Jules             The Martinis

The Confiners          Get Up Kids      Me First and the Gimme Gimmies

Crosby, Stills & Nash          Gorillaz                Modest Mouse

Hey, you wanted this…just remember I warned you!

Mumm-Ra            Regina Spektor

MxPx                  Rufus Wainwright

Nirvana               Ryan Adams

No Use For A Name          Ryan Bingham

Notorious BIG              Saves The Day

OK Go!                She & Him

Ol’ Dirty               Simon & Garfunkel

Operation Ivy           The Smiths

Otis Redding           Sneaker Pimps

Passion Pit            Spacehog

The Pixies             The Strokes

Radiohead            Thom Yorke

The Ramones        Weezer

Ray LaMontagne         Wheatus

Okay so that’s it for now. (Sorry the columns are messy.) This is roughly a third of my playlist – now you understand why I say ‘a little of this and a little of that.’ It’s just safer than listing everything out. Hopefully I didn’t bore you to death, but now it’s your turn to answer a question:

** UPDATE** There are just a few others that should be included, because I write about them on and they are so very talented. (A few of them are actually dear friends) They should have been included from the beginning. So here they are!

Bobby Long

Chris Ayer

Christine Hoberg

Dave Pittenger

Jess Hodge

Kailin Garrity

Martin Rivas

Mercy Bell

Rachel Zamstein

Who is YOUR favorite artist on this list? As always let me know here or on Twitter! Happy Monday xo

5 thoughts on “You’re right, it’s only fair… but this post comes with a warning”

  1. You were not kidding about having an eclectic range of music girlie. I’m surprised to see Etta James and Dusty Springfield on the list. But I’m going to go with John Lennon as my pick.

    1. I’m a HUGE Etta James fan… and Dusty gets me every time with Son of a Preacher Man. I pity anyone who is within earshot of when I sing along. It’s not pretty. I’ve been blessed with stringing words together, not vocals. 😉

  2. My dear, must I choose but one artist on this list? I cannot make up my mind between Louis Armstrong and The Beach Boys. Decisions, decisions.

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