SHADOW AND BLOOD: My current project is based on true events and is super dark and bloody. It’s a manuscript I’ve been DYING to write for a long time, and have been having a lot of fun with it. Probably more fun than is normal, especially given the subject matter. It’s a YA gothic horror that includes archival photos and illustrations that I hope you love. It’s currently with Agent Goddess for a final read and then it’s submission time *hopefully* by February 2015.

INVARIANCE is a YA science fiction/thriller. It has words. Lots of them. It is adventurous and scary and romantical and mysterious. Maybe not in that order. But maybe there are aliens. That’s a total lie. There are no aliens.

Once I can share more with you, I will. For now it’s a mysterious secret…

LEGEND OF THE MISSING SUN: Is a YA Contemp that’s dark and creepy. It is an adventure story that features a group of friends doing Goonie type things in New York City. The official pitch is: female Indiana Jones meets Ally Carter’s Heist Society.



3 responses to “Books

  1. Kerri I LOVE your blog & I seriously hope you get published! You are witty, sarcastic, articulate, & funny, and I can’t wait to read more! Thanks for saving other would-be writers a lot of time by doing all the research and sharing it with us!

  2. Congratulations on the Goodman Agency.

    Went to their site– looks top drawer to me.


    All the best

    Jim Zee

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